The dance team is having a dace recital!!!! Now if you'd like, make up your own dance to one of the songs and post it on here! You can pretend to be one of us dancing to one of the songs! Pls post t on the website!


Violet- March from the nutcracker (Ballet)

Katie-Rose- TTYLXOX (Hip hop)

Yasaman- superman Intro (Acro)

Milla- Wike Awake (Comtemparary)


Milla and Yasaman- Believe (Contemparary)

Katie-Rose and Violet- Something to dance for (Jazzz)


Milla, Yasaman, Katie-Rose, Violet, Ava, Modessa, Quin, Elena, Bella, and Mandi- Cupid Shuffle (Cupid Shuffle)

Hope it appears online!

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