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HI! Welcome! Feel welcome, be welcome! We can't wait to communicate with you! Please explore!!! Have fun!!! Enjoy!!!! We've put a lot of work on this wiki, and we want you to see it!!!!

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Luv Ya Bunches Wiki currently has 21 acticles as of 19/10/2017, 09:36

Keep up the good work!


YasamanLuvsFrogs- (Yasaman)

MarshMilla (Milla)

the*rose*knows (Katie-Rose)

Ultra-violet0 (Open to take)

Katie-Rose :D (Olivia)

Cheif Spiritstone (Jasmine)

KewlKid (Lara)

ToadetteGirl10 (Bella)

Messybomb234 (Diamond)

(Let featured user(s)and/or admins know that you are a member so they can add your name to the list. Or you cld just not add your name)

Also, be sure to visit the sign ups page and sign up for your favorite character which is hopefully not yet taken!

Say Hi!!!

Say Hi to Tally!!

Say hi to Tally!

It's Camilla's turtle, He rocks!!!!!

Also say Hi to fellow members!!!

Three cheers for tally the turtle!!!!!!

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What's up?

HI! I'M PRETTY SURE YOU ROCK! Well, yeah you do.

Hey! Are you new to Luv Ya Bunches?

Hey, I've never seen you on here before.

OMG! I can't believe I'm talking to you!

Hey! I luv luv ya bunches, don't you?

What's up my new friend?

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Poll of the week!

We have great news. We are bringing back an old feature on luv ya bunches! Over here we will have a different poll each week. Every Friday the poll will disappear and a new one will come.

Should we shut down luv ya bunches?

The poll was created at 23:30 on October 10, 2013, and so far 50 people voted.

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